How safe are your online passwords? Take the test

We all need them. Passwords for online banking, ebay accounts, almost anything that needs our details, needs us to ‘register’ and how annoying that is, especially when we have to remember them all, tough enough even for half a dozen or so passwords.

That’s why most of us (according to research from a leading Bank) only use on average 4 characters in a given password, very often the typical famous dates (1066, 1966) or names of pets, car makes or more common names like ‘password’ or ‘1234’, its open to hacking and to be honest a lot of it is our fault for not enforcing better password security.

Many hacks on common sites such as Amazon for example (after they find your email address) will simply use a ‘brute force‘ attack which basically means the bad guy will try many common passwords to get into your account. They won’t simply type it in, but they can do, however to increase their chances of gaining access they will run code to maybe try as many as hundred’s of common combinations a second to get in, very often they will succeed!

But you say it has not going to happened to me, I’m safe! That’s good I say, but its only a matter of time. Would you not like to sleep sound at night with not worrying about all your data being accessed? Think, what how many sleepless nights you’ll have if someone gained access to your stuff? Enough said.

I don’t what to know your passwords, but you can check online on this great site that will tell you in all bluntness how long it would take for a brute force attack to break into your puny, easy to crack passwords

GRC Password strength tester

And once your shocked to find out how easy (or hard) it was, you can then try a mixture of upper and lower case characters to replace your text, maybe an exclamation or two. Then try the test again, so how many years (or centuries) it will then take to crack it!

Next time I’ll cover how to keep your new, very difficult to remember passwords in one easy place – with only needing to remember one password for the lot. Until next time.


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