Stay on top of your passwords. Get a password manager!

Okay, last time we covered how you could maybe improve your passwords to something less obvious, a lot longer etc. That’s all fine, but it now presents new problems in how to remember them all!

If you’re not one of those people who can recite all the numbers of pi (3.174..) then a small (and often free) program can help keep all your passwords in one, ultra safe location. Its called a Password Manager and they are available for Windows, Mac and lots of other platforms to, good ones are free and other good ones cost a subscription, the choice is yours so read on and find out how it can help.

A Password Manager is simply a storage depot for all your passwords. It encourages you to now create more complex passwords which means your online accounts (also say your remote link to home, router login etc) can be much more secure. All you need, as the owner of the  passwords is to remember normally just one ‘master password’ to gain access to all your saved passwords. But please don’t fall into the trap of using a pathetic 4 character password, use a long one, upper and lower case.

Most Password Managers, and the one I’ll recommend uses the latest US military grade encryption which even the NSA (US spy centre) endorses for US Government documents up to Top Secret. This is called AES encryption and they are available in 64, 128 and 256-bit lengths, logic dictates the higher the bit rate the higher the already massive strength of your master password.

A nice free one which is popular and very safe to use is Keepass.

Download Keepass

Not only is it free but its available on Windows, Mac and also on smartphones such as Android and iPhone, so you can safely carry your passwords with you, with total and very robust security. Enjoy!


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