Mobile: New Blackberry Z10 priced at £480 (sim-free)

RIM, the manufacturers of the once very popular Blackberry smartphone have announced, some might say is their last ditched effort, to gain back some marketshare in the face of the iPhone and Android smartphones sales that have over the fast few years seen masses of users switch from the canadian smartphone (and tablet) vendor.

Blackberry OS 10 (replacing the current OS 7) will be launched tomorrow,  30th January with no doubt some of the fan fair we have come to expect from the tech companies. Already there has been a fair amount of tech leaks on the product and new pricing has been spied at leading phone retailer, Carphone Warehouse.

Apparently called the Z10, the flagship OS 10 product will retail at a hefty £480 (sim free) as spotted on some screenshots from Carphone Warehouse in the UK, putting it roughly on par with the iPhone5. For RIM its a make or break moment to try and entice users back to the canadian brand. Opinion is split with some pundits saying its too late to convince users for whom already have Apple and Android Apps and the fact that these phones are mature enough to be used in a business-class environment, once the corner stone of the Blackberry brand.

Quiet a few features of the new Blackberry Z10 have been released (unofficially of course), notably:-

A 4.3 inch with a 356 ppi density (retina type)

Dual core 1.5Ghz OMAP CPU

2GB Ram and 16GB storage (with provision for MicroSD)

Two cameras, one 8 megapixel, the other a front facing 2 megapixel version

WiFi, GPS, LTE, quad band modes

New Blackberry 10 operation system

On the face of it, the specs seem not too exciting and are on par (mostly) with the best-selling Samsung S3 Galaxy, however the Blackberry 10 OS, according to Blackberry promises to do more, do it quickly and easily. We shall see.

Want to have a sneak peak of the Z10 and Blackberry 10 OS, check these links:

Blackberry Z10 specifications and images

YouTube collection of videos showing Blackberry 10 

We’ll have more information on the new Blackberry range following the January 30th launch!


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