Tip: Stay safe online with HTTPS in your browser

When we use the web for whatever reason: online banking, facebook or copying your documents to the Cloud, we all use the HTTP protocol on our favorite web-browser, even if we don’t know it. 

However, unless your logging into a really sure site, all browsers will default to using the HTTP (hyper text transport protocol) which sends our data to a from the server we connect to (such as facebook, twitter, google etc) un-encrypted, meaning it could be subject to evesdropping by a hacker who could steal your data, passwords and anything else! And its more common that you thought possible, but with a few simple steps you can really improve your online security.

By using HTTPS (instead of HTTP, or nothing by default in your browser) you will force your request to use secure HTTP which will encrypt any commands, data, literally anything to the remote serve and prevent a so-called ‘man-in-the-middle’ attack who will snoop on your data and steal it. This is especially important for public WiFi users who may not be using WiFi encryption (say at an airport, coffee shop etc), so using HTTPS will really enhance your online data security.

Having trouble remember to put HTTPS on each site you visit? No problem. A great little program that supports popular browsers like Firefox and Chrome means that everytime you type in a website it will force a secure connection with HTTPS, if HTTPS is not supported by the site you are logging into, it will just connect in regular HTTP. Its simple, works in the background and does not slow down your computer.

Its called simply, HTTP Everywhere and works with popular browsers, click below and download it now:-

HTTPS Everywhere download here!

Happy and safe browsing…


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