WTF: iBowl soup bowl for Apple owners

We all know how revolutionary  the iPhone is and that there has been many a spin-ff industry devoting to producing good (and tacky!) accessories to match your favourite smart phone, but some say this is just taking the biscuit!

As reported in The Register a few days back, a New York company, Miso Soup Designs, has developed what it calls its “Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl.” The  big, soup bowl has a slot at the rear that will allow a user to slide in the iPhone and thus keep it away from being splashed and covered by soup, noodles or whatever. The iPhone’s home button is covered, but the busy diner can still swipe the screen without fear of the phone falling head first into the broth!

If you don’t fancy going to NYC to sample the iBowl at a diner, you could always order one from Miso Soup Designs online. They now have a Facebook page and are taking orders right now for the sure to become classic design.



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