Astro: Asteroid on closest Earth fly-by next week!

It’s widely know that Asteroids and Comets played a part in wiping out living things on Earth in the distant past, including the Dinosaurs. And next week our Earth gets skimmed (astronomically speaking) by a huge boulder from the depths of our solar system. But according to NASA, the ‘half-the-size’ of a football field rock will miss Earth by ‘just’ 17,200 miles give or take.

If the nights are clear you might just be able to glimpse the boulder as a spec of light, or if NASA (we all hope) are wrong then it might just be the final Friday on Earth as we know it! If you want to know more, get an idea of how close it will pass Earth then read on!

Not the most sexiest of names for a rock, but Asteroid 2012 DA14 will be within its closet approach next Friday, 15th February 2013 to within just 17,200 miles. Although NASA said it was ‘highly unlikely’ to hit Earth, there is a chance it could destroy on of the man-made satellites in Earth Orbit.

So, if you want to know more about Asteroid 2012 DA14, together with some great movie simulations, then try the following courtesy of the great space and astro website,

Click to get the full image and times to watch the flyby..

Click to get a great video simulation of asteroid fly-by next week



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