News: The new Raspberry PI official HD camera

Cambridge, UK-based Raspberry, the makers of the top-selling credit card sized bare bones computer, the PI, are about to launch another, cheap-as-chips attachment for it, an HD quality camera.

According to Engaget, the ‘eye pi‘ camera will set users back around $25 (about £19) and for the price it seems pretty high spec with a 1080p HD camera at 30fps on a small PCB measuring around 25 x 20 x 9mm, connected to the standard PI ribbon cable to be connected to your PI computer.

Personally I can see this being a bit hit with PI project builders, schools and any of these pioneer IT enthusiasts. It will of course greatly expand the capabilities of the PI computer such as a network video camera, remote control cars and buggies, imaging, UAVs even..the list goes on. Sources say it won’t be available until another month but I recommend checking the HD camera availability at leading PI distributors such as CPC Farnell and RS Components.

Finally, still with Raspberry’s, it has been announced, a new, even cheaper version, called the Model A. With a lower price tag of around $25 (£20), it won’t feature as much RAM, has only one USB Port and no Ethernet connection (RJ-45). However it will be an enthusiasts dream computer in that it could have many applications such as Solar Power control,  remote sensing and a lot more.

Click here for a nice video on the new Raspberry PI Model A

Click here for a nice video on the new Raspberry PI Model A

The official Raspberry PI quick start guide multi PDF



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