WTF: Heat exchanger cup holder to charge your batteries!

There are a lot of gadgets on the market, especially for USB novelty stuff that users might use once, maybe twice, then relegate them to the bottom draw. However this new concept might just be what desk users have been looking for. It’s a ‘heat exchanger’ that converts heat from your favorite brew and chargers a device connected to it.

The project called the One Puck offers to provide around 1 amp of current to any connected device, be it an iPhone, Android Tablet or just about anything else. Just think of the applications.  At present its a Kickstarter project, however the innovative team behind the One Puck, Epiphany Labs, says it will cost around $150.00 once it gets launched.

And if that’s not enough for your One Puck, if you donate to their Kickstarter project they will pledge you the device for just $99, or for $135 some nice, custom engraving just like the iPods from Apple. But the really nice thing about the One Puck is that it can still charge your digital device, either from a hot or cold (like beer) mug or glass. Based on thermo-electrics (which I won’t go into here) its sure to be a hit, no matter what temperate zone you reside in. So why not make a pledge today at the One Puck Kickstarter project!

Click here for a great video on the One Puck…

Have a great weekend 🙂


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