Astro special: Earth Asteroid is at its closest today. Watch it online here!

Last week I posted a blog on the soon to arrive Asteroid 2012 DA14. Well, today, Friday 15th February 2013 it’s finally here, or shall I say, its closest approach to our Earth. It’s now nearer to us than many communications satellites in Earth orbit and tumbling around at a mind-blowing 20,000 mph.

If it’s a clear night you might just spot a glimpse of the huge rock, around 150 feet wide and will approach Earth at a ‘tiny’ 17,000 miles, in astronomical terms this is right up close. And if you want to get up close and personal to Asteroid 2012 DA14 check out the this blog for a live video feed of the rock, coming to its closest approach 19:24 hrs GMT or 2.24pm EST today..

Luckly for us the asteroid (this time) will not hit us, if it did it would wipe out a city the size of London or New York, unleashing the power of a multi-megaton nuclear warhead, far greater than that of the atom bombs of world war 2. But its a wake up call for all of us on this planet, as like the fait of the dinosaurs long before us, one day, many years in the future, another space rock will hit us for sure.

Why not check out and see the live video-link of this once in a lifetime event

Click above to link to the live asteroid video cast..

Phew! This is how close the asteroid will come to visit us today at 15th, February

(Note: the asteroid is closer to us than a satillite orbit!)

Happy asteroid hunting!



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