News: Google to launch its own retail stores this year?

Rumors are high on the fact that search giant Google, will be about to launch its own version of retail outlets in 2013, just like its counterparts, Apple. Although Google already do have some ‘stalls’ in airports in the UK and abroad, this will be the first retail outlets for the search giant.

According to Engadget, Google is looking to heighten its retail presence amongst its retail customers so that it can show-off its Nexus range of smartphones, tablets and the newly revamped Chromebook. It also comes at a time when Google maybe ready to launch other new and exciting hardware, that only a ‘live product demonstration’ can fully justify the product in question, such as the Google Project Glass HUD glasses and the rumored X-phone…

Depending on who you listen to, such as The Wall Street Journal or others, it could arrive in the US around summer time, or later this year according to others. However my theory will be that ‘show-case’ stores will open in strategic areas around the time of the new Google device launches, especially Google Glass, since the only way to really know what its capable of is to wear one in the first place!

New Google products coming this year? Maybe…

Google Project Glass – wearable head-up-display

Google Live video on Project Glass..the Google glasses



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  1. I was watching the BBC3 programme about google digitising all books and all I can they is they are taking over.

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