News: Outmosphere – Find out what’s on in your neighbourhood

outmosphere logo
Realtime event applications may not be totally unique, sure we have Google Now which tells us what bus is coming and what the traffic is like and so on. Some of us (especially the youngsters out there!) want more with regard to what’s happening not just in their locale that day, but maybe on a particular date. Enter

Outmosphere aims to break the trend by giving anyone instant results on what venues, shows, gigs or almost anything that is happening in the user’s location. So far it’s totally unique and does not need any fiddly app’ to run, just log-in to Outmosphere via your favourite browser on your smartphone, tablet or literary any other device and hey presto, Outmosphere detects your location and presents you with a graphical itenary of whats happening and when..

But there’s more to it than that. Okay, it will show the venue (as businesses add their own details and feeds to the Outmosphere database), it even shows the ticket prices, drink prices (if applicable!) together with distance from your present locale to the venue. And if you need a more topographical view of the gigs’, then just use the ‘map view’ to give a Google  map view so you can easily plan your next pub crawl!

And one of the best things about this site is that it’s totally free to subscribe, works anywhere and everyday more and more venues will be added. And if your a business or anything that needs to get noticed, why not add your venue to Outmosphere today. So what are you waiting for? Spread the word and get into the Outmosphere..

outmosphere logo

Click the logo above and join Outmosphere today and find out what’s on near you, right now..



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