WTF: Get a monkey for your Tablet computer

No, not a primate. If you own a tablet, like the popular Google Nexus 7, Kindle Fire, iPad, Galaxy Tab or almost another other wide surface area tablet you’ll know it’s not easy to position without using your hands. Take for example if you’re in the kitchen and your reading a recipe on your favorite device. You know the problem! An awkward reading angle, splashes of water (or flour!), or you just want to read your eBook in bed, hand’s free.

Well, those clever people at Octa have created a robust but stylish flexible coil to hold any tablet, at any angle, above its surface, thus avoiding the pit falls of dirt and grime getting into it and providing the perfect viewing angle, almost anywhere.

And don’t think you’ll need messy glues to attach the Money, nope, it uses a precision ‘vacuum dock’ to provide a totally, 100% secure fit to the back tablet surface. Using a special ‘vacuum pump’ it removes any air and thus acts like an industrial sucker, without damaging the rear surface of course. To be honest, the Octa Monkey Kit brings whole new applications to your tablet, too many to think of really, but below are some ideas from the Octa website, everything from the Kitchen to outside DIY on a ladder!

Pre-order yours now, world-wide shipment

As strong as, well, a gorilla..

Endless applications for the Monkey….what’s yours?

ttmk_kitchen_hang image-201659-full 102354-1280 monkey-kit-10-1  



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