Astro: Bright Comet alert for northern hemisphere viewers tonight!

Hot on the tail (literally) of the recent Asteroid 2012 DA14 and the russian fireball incident, it looks like 2012 will indeed be the year for these cosmic fireworks! If your in the northern hemisphere you should be able to catch it easily with the naked eye (i.e. no telescope or bino’s) and promises to be the best Comet for quiet a few years.

Called Comet Pan-STARRS or officially C/2011 L4, it should be as bright as a 1st magnitude star for everyone in Europe, North America, Russia, China and the far-east and will reach its closet approach to Earth on 7th March 2013. And if you missed it yesterday, don’t worry, it will be visible for a few more days before reaching its closet approach (perihelion) to the Sun on 10th March in which it may break up. Want to find out how to watch it, then continue reading this post…

The popular online space and astronomy website, has a great feature which includes both a map (for when, on what time you can view C/2011 L4) and a nice video clip to get all the details…as long as the skies are clear that is!

Click above to see the video on how to view Comet C/2011 L4 tonight!!

And for an easy-to-view map, take a look below..


Courtesy, Sky & Telescope

Clear Skies!



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