Tip: Measure temperatures with your iPhone or iPad

-1The iPhone and iPad are versatile devices, but one (useful) feature they lack is a temperature sensor which would be able to record temperatures accurately and show the results in real-time under iOS complete with recording trends over time etc with the aid of a nice graph. Just imagine the uses could you have with that.

Well, a new Kickstarter project from Robocat, an innovative Danish company that already has produced decent apps’, has come up with the all new Thermodo. It’s not just an app’, but features a small thermometer which plugs straight into your iPhone or iPad’s headphone jack, giving you instant thermometer recording capabilities..

And is it accurate? Yes, apparently it measures temperatures in the range of –20 °C to +50 °C (–5 ºF to 120 ºF). And will be available in the normal Apple colours, black, white and aluminium versions. Applications are endless, for example measuring temperatures in your home or office, its it too cold enough to paint outside?, will it be okay to Ski today? You get the idea.

And being a Kickstarter project, if you pledge $25 you’ll get one of the Thermodo’s by august when they start production, apparently they ship worldwide too. According to Macrumors, they have already met there Kickstarter target, so the Thermodo will go into production soon.

Buy your Thermodo from here…

Thermodo for the iPhone…

Thermodo for the iPad…



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