Tip: Free mobile security and device tracking for your Android device

Think of viruses and malware and you’ll be forgiven in thinking they just apply to Windows platforms. Wrong. Now that the Android platform is the world’s most widely used smartphone and tablet operating system, the poor old green robot is now being targeted from all sides, from the phishing scammers, script kiddies and professional viral code writers alike.

Enter the brilliant avast! Free Mobile Security software for Android. Czech Republic based Avast Software have been producing brilliant antivirus software for many years on both the Windows and Mac platforms. Now they venture to the Android platform and are offering a totally free (and non-time limited) mobile security app for your Android device, available from Google Play store..

Unlike others I’ve tried in the past, avast! takes little precious memory and CPU usage on your device so you’ll not notice any slowdown of apps you are running, especially important if your running on an old Android device with low memory. Plus its quick in operation on all Android devices and comes complete with the following unique features, which are really useful:-

  • Complete Android antivirus and malware protection, updated daily
  • Anti-theft control – locate and recover your lost Android device!
  • Web shield – warns on phishing and hijacked websites
  • 3G and WiFi metre – you know what comes in and out
  • Android Widget – so you know whats going on

It’s not often I rave about a free app, but avast! Free Mobile Security is a brilliant app for any Android device, from version 2.1 up to version 4.x or higher.

Click above to download avast! Free Mobile Security from the Google Play store

What the YouTube video of avast! Free Mobile Security

Don’t leave home without it!



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