WTF: Get a monkey for your Tablet computer

No, not a primate. If you own a tablet, like the popular Google Nexus 7, Kindle Fire, iPad, Galaxy Tab or almost another other wide surface area tablet you’ll know it’s not easy to position without using your hands. Take for example if you’re in the kitchen and your reading a recipe on your favorite device. You know the problem! An awkward reading angle, splashes of water (or flour!), or you just want to read your eBook in bed, hand’s free.

Well, those clever people at Octa have created a robust but stylish flexible coil to hold any tablet, at any angle, above its surface, thus avoiding the pit falls of dirt and grime getting into it and providing the perfect viewing angle, almost anywhere.

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WTF: Don’t take the P*SS! New Urine checker App for iPhone

Nope, its not April 1st. Most of us know that a person’s health can be checked when we go to the doctors by a quick sample check of the yellow stuff we supply. Anything from diabetes, urinary tract infection and pre-clampsia to name just a few.

Now, indian-based company, Biosense Technologies Private Limited, has developed an iPhone App called uChek with the aim of using the iPhone’s built-in camera to photograph a freshly dipped ‘reagent strip’, specific colours produced from the freshly dipped strip is interpreted by the iPhone’s camera and the uChek App, as identifying issues in the supplied ‘sample’ or just a clean bill of health!

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Astro special: Earth Asteroid is at its closest today. Watch it online here!

Last week I posted a blog on the soon to arrive Asteroid 2012 DA14. Well, today, Friday 15th February 2013 it’s finally here, or shall I say, its closest approach to our Earth. It’s now nearer to us than many communications satellites in Earth orbit and tumbling around at a mind-blowing 20,000 mph.

If it’s a clear night you might just spot a glimpse of the huge rock, around 150 feet wide and will approach Earth at a ‘tiny’ 17,000 miles, in astronomical terms this is right up close. And if you want to get up close and personal to Asteroid 2012 DA14 check out the this blog for a live video feed of the rock, coming to its closest approach 19:24 hrs GMT or 2.24pm EST today..

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Astro: Gamma Ray Burst nearly wiped out Earth in 8th century!

Gamma Ray Bursts (GRBs) are the most powerful explosions in the universe, fact. They are caused when a massive Star (much bigger than our own Sun) explodes by collapsing in on itself, probably producing a Neutron Star or a massive Black Hole. The result is that a huge amount of energy, in the form of Gamma Rays, X-Rays etc are produced, killing everything in its path for many light-years.

If a GRB does hit Earth, the chances it will cause everything living thing death, a bit like a mass extinction which caused the demise of the Dinosaurs. Now researchers have found the probability of a GRB did indeed hit our Earth way back in the 8th century, and here’s how they know this..

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WTF: Heat exchanger cup holder to charge your batteries!

There are a lot of gadgets on the market, especially for USB novelty stuff that users might use once, maybe twice, then relegate them to the bottom draw. However this new concept might just be what desk users have been looking for. It’s a ‘heat exchanger’ that converts heat from your favorite brew and chargers a device connected to it.

The project called the One Puck offers to provide around 1 amp of current to any connected device, be it an iPhone, Android Tablet or just about anything else. Just think of the applications.  At present its a Kickstarter project, however the innovative team behind the One Puck, Epiphany Labs, says it will cost around $150.00 once it gets launched.

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WTF: iBowl soup bowl for Apple owners

We all know how revolutionary  the iPhone is and that there has been many a spin-ff industry devoting to producing good (and tacky!) accessories to match your favourite smart phone, but some say this is just taking the biscuit!

As reported in The Register a few days back, a New York company, Miso Soup Designs, has developed what it calls its “Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl.” The  big, soup bowl has a slot at the rear that will allow a user to slide in the iPhone and thus keep it away from being splashed and covered by soup, noodles or whatever. The iPhone’s home button is covered, but the busy diner can still swipe the screen without fear of the phone falling head first into the broth!

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