Tip: Stay safe online with HTTPS in your browser

When we use the web for whatever reason: online banking, facebook or copying your documents to the Cloud, we all use the HTTP protocol on our favorite web-browser, even if we don’t know it. 

However, unless your logging into a really sure site, all browsers will default to using the HTTP (hyper text transport protocol) which sends our data to a from the server we connect to (such as facebook, twitter, google etc) un-encrypted, meaning it could be subject to evesdropping by a hacker who could steal your data, passwords and anything else! And its more common that you thought possible, but with a few simple steps you can really improve your online security.

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Opinion: Has Apple finally lost its shine?

Some years ago Apple decided to change its name. In its innovative early years (when it made computers like the Apple II, Lisa and the original Macintosh..if your old enough to remember!) it was known as Apple Computer, Inc. Then it decided to change its name to just Apple Inc. A sign of the times, instead of focusing on making desirable, but expensive hardware it ventured into more ‘consumer related, mass market products’. Enter the iPod, the iPhone and now the iPad.

Yesterday it was announced that Apple had lost a whopping $50bn wiped of its share price. An astonishing amount of money, even for a top fortune 500 company like Apple. We have become used to Apple year on year beating last year’s expectations on profits, devices sold and  new ‘Apple stores’ opening up in major towns around the UK and abroad. But is this a turning point for Apple’s fortunes? Why has this happened and why are so many     shareholders and suppliers to Apple in Asia and elsewhere starting to worry?

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Stay on top of your passwords. Get a password manager!

Okay, last time we covered how you could maybe improve your passwords to something less obvious, a lot longer etc. That’s all fine, but it now presents new problems in how to remember them all!

If you’re not one of those people who can recite all the numbers of pi (3.174..) then a small (and often free) program can help keep all your passwords in one, ultra safe location. Its called a Password Manager and they are available for Windows, Mac and lots of other platforms to, good ones are free and other good ones cost a subscription, the choice is yours so read on and find out how it can help.

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How safe are your online passwords? Take the test

We all need them. Passwords for online banking, ebay accounts, almost anything that needs our details, needs us to ‘register’ and how annoying that is, especially when we have to remember them all, tough enough even for half a dozen or so passwords.

That’s why most of us (according to research from a leading Bank) only use on average 4 characters in a given password, very often the typical famous dates (1066, 1966) or names of pets, car makes or more common names like ‘password’ or ‘1234’, its open to hacking and to be honest a lot of it is our fault for not enforcing better password security.

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Don’t expect your computer to work in this Russian village!

There’s a village in eastern Russia that (according to the Daily Mail) is the coldest on earth, with a measured daytime temperature of a jaw dropping – 70 degrees C.  And its not just your phone that won’t work, but apparently it can take up to three days to dig a grave and locals live off the local animals as (obviously) nothing grows.

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Samsung S4 phone for April launch?

The Samsung S3 is a great phone. Great screen, great camera, great capabilities (thanks to the recent flavours of Android of course), but one thing that let it down (a bit, according to some reviewers) was the not so great design and that all too flimsy pastic back. But wait, its successor maybe heading to shops very soon.

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Apple iBurglar at Steve Jobs house sentenced to 7 years

It hit the IT headlines last year. A burglar to Steve Jobs (former CEO, Apple) family home last July who stole more than $50,000 of Apple products (guess he had to spend his iTunes vouchers somehow) was sentenced to 7 years. McFarlin (prime suspect) entered the Californian property while work was being carried out on the property and stole no manner of Apple products including iPads and iMacs.

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Another blow for high street retail sales – bad weather?

High street sales suffer another blow in poor trading over Christmas 2012, as we know its down to a number of factors, the key one being online companies taking more business away from these ‘traditional’ stores, not just in probably better pricing (because they have now shop rents, lots of staff, heating etc) but lets face it, its just more convenient to shop at home on the Internet. Continue reading