Tip: Is your cloud data safe or is your data just floating away?

The Cloud is everywhere. Its now the staple storage for many Apple (iCloud), Android and Google (Drive) and Microsoft (SkyDrive) let alone many third companies are offering either free cloud storage or, for a price, extra storage for your personal or business data. The cloud is great, but you need to be aware of possible security issues for you and your data stored in the cloud.

Think of the cloud as an ‘off-line’ hard disk for your data. That part is easy enough to understand. However, unless you go with the big players mentioned above, do you really know where your data has ended up? Is your bank details, photo’s etc simply sitting, unencrypted, on someones hard disk in a far away land – just waiting to be accessed. Scared, well you should be..

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News: Apple iWatch, fact or fiction?


The big news this week from close sources at Apple sight that designs have been made and pre-production models produced of a so-called iWatch (or whatever, if anything, Apple decide to call it). Its a logical, but certainly not unique concept from the californian based company and in my my humble opinion Apple need something new to help prevent the recent slide in its share price.

According to various (trusted) sources including The Wall Street Journal, long time Apple product maker, Foxconn, have been in talks with Apple on various ‘wearable’ devices including the iWatch. But what can we expect of this wrist-based technology and what sort of competition will Apple be up against?

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Astro: Gamma Ray Burst nearly wiped out Earth in 8th century!

Gamma Ray Bursts (GRBs) are the most powerful explosions in the universe, fact. They are caused when a massive Star (much bigger than our own Sun) explodes by collapsing in on itself, probably producing a Neutron Star or a massive Black Hole. The result is that a huge amount of energy, in the form of Gamma Rays, X-Rays etc are produced, killing everything in its path for many light-years.

If a GRB does hit Earth, the chances it will cause everything living thing death, a bit like a mass extinction which caused the demise of the Dinosaurs. Now researchers have found the probability of a GRB did indeed hit our Earth way back in the 8th century, and here’s how they know this..

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Tip: Wirelessly manage your Android device from any browser

Conventionally, to copy files such as movies, photo’s, tunes and the like from your Android smart phone or tablet requires the user hooking up a sync cable to the computer. Lost the sync cable? Can’t do with the hassle of doing this every time? Then why not use your wireless network to control your Android device!

Surely one of the most talked about (and free) Android utilities in existence, a 5-star rated app in Google Play is the superb AirDroid app from Airdroid.com. To say you can’t live without this great app would be an understatement and simply it allows your Android device to connect, over WiFi, to any Windows or Mac computer and simply ‘copy & drag’ files to and from. It’s that simple, but it can do a lot more too!

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WTF: Heat exchanger cup holder to charge your batteries!

There are a lot of gadgets on the market, especially for USB novelty stuff that users might use once, maybe twice, then relegate them to the bottom draw. However this new concept might just be what desk users have been looking for. It’s a ‘heat exchanger’ that converts heat from your favorite brew and chargers a device connected to it.

The project called the One Puck offers to provide around 1 amp of current to any connected device, be it an iPhone, Android Tablet or just about anything else. Just think of the applications.  At present its a Kickstarter project, however the innovative team behind the One Puck, Epiphany Labs, says it will cost around $150.00 once it gets launched.

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News: The new Raspberry PI official HD camera

Cambridge, UK-based Raspberry, the makers of the top-selling credit card sized bare bones computer, the PI, are about to launch another, cheap-as-chips attachment for it, an HD quality camera.

According to Engaget, the ‘eye pi‘ camera will set users back around $25 (about £19) and for the price it seems pretty high spec with a 1080p HD camera at 30fps on a small PCB measuring around 25 x 20 x 9mm, connected to the standard PI ribbon cable to be connected to your PI computer.

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Astro: Asteroid on closest Earth fly-by next week!

It’s widely know that Asteroids and Comets played a part in wiping out living things on Earth in the distant past, including the Dinosaurs. And next week our Earth gets skimmed (astronomically speaking) by a huge boulder from the depths of our solar system. But according to NASA, the ‘half-the-size’ of a football field rock will miss Earth by ‘just’ 17,200 miles give or take.

If the nights are clear you might just be able to glimpse the boulder as a spec of light, or if NASA (we all hope) are wrong then it might just be the final Friday on Earth as we know it! If you want to know more, get an idea of how close it will pass Earth then read on!

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Tip: The Must have app for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and PC

Okay, everything (sort of) sync’s with your devices and lets face it most of us have many digital devices, iPhones, iPads, Android stuff, Windows and Mac’s…we don’t stick to one platform and this can cause problems, until now.

Do you want to write something down, like an idea? Save a web-page without having to take a screenshot? Copy your notes or Docs from one device to another..instantly? Or maybe add  geo-locations, ideal if your out an about, on the trail or are a surveyor for example? I can warrant that all of us will need this great (and free) app for all your digital devices and has been voted as one of the best app’s of all time, so if you don’t have it already, read more and download it.

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Tip: Greatly increase battery and memory performance on your Android device

 Android devices are great. Weither it be a smart phone or tablet, they have nice, vibrant displays coupled with super powerful processors such as the Tegra CPU, backed up with a wealth of other technologies that create a fast, adaptive device you simply can’t live without.

However all of these devices are at the mercy of the battery within. Sure, they have improved, however with all this high-tech processing going on and our multi-uses of the Android platform such as syncing, emails, web  and not forgetting voice and text, even the latest battery technologies cannot always keep up, especially at the end of the day when you might just need it. If you want to greatly extend the battery life of your Android device (and its free!) and keep memory in tip-top condition then continue reading.

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News: Android Jelly Bean 7″ tablet for £99 at UK Supermarkets today

Pricing on tablets for the Android OS has always been competitive, look at the best-selling Google Nexus 7″ tab which costs just £159 and has a great spec, certainly that to rival the expensive Apple tablets. However in keeping with Google’s plan in bringing tablet computing to the masses and not just the few, the new Acer 7″ tablet is a fully functional, latest version Jelly Bean Android version (4.1.2) priced at a lowly £99 in UK supermarkets from today.

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