News: Google to launch its own retail stores this year?

Rumors are high on the fact that search giant Google, will be about to launch its own version of retail outlets in 2013, just like its counterparts, Apple. Although Google already do have some ‘stalls’ in airports in the UK and abroad, this will be the first retail outlets for the search giant.

According to Engadget, Google is looking to heighten its retail presence amongst its retail customers so that it can show-off its Nexus range of smartphones, tablets and the newly revamped Chromebook. It also comes at a time when Google maybe ready to launch other new and exciting hardware, that only a ‘live product demonstration’ can fully justify the product in question, such as the Google Project Glass HUD glasses and the rumored X-phone…

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Tip: Is your cloud data safe or is your data just floating away?

The Cloud is everywhere. Its now the staple storage for many Apple (iCloud), Android and Google (Drive) and Microsoft (SkyDrive) let alone many third companies are offering either free cloud storage or, for a price, extra storage for your personal or business data. The cloud is great, but you need to be aware of possible security issues for you and your data stored in the cloud.

Think of the cloud as an ‘off-line’ hard disk for your data. That part is easy enough to understand. However, unless you go with the big players mentioned above, do you really know where your data has ended up? Is your bank details, photo’s etc simply sitting, unencrypted, on someones hard disk in a far away land – just waiting to be accessed. Scared, well you should be..

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Tip: Greatly increase battery and memory performance on your Android device

 Android devices are great. Weither it be a smart phone or tablet, they have nice, vibrant displays coupled with super powerful processors such as the Tegra CPU, backed up with a wealth of other technologies that create a fast, adaptive device you simply can’t live without.

However all of these devices are at the mercy of the battery within. Sure, they have improved, however with all this high-tech processing going on and our multi-uses of the Android platform such as syncing, emails, web  and not forgetting voice and text, even the latest battery technologies cannot always keep up, especially at the end of the day when you might just need it. If you want to greatly extend the battery life of your Android device (and its free!) and keep memory in tip-top condition then continue reading.

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